Dental Implant Enhancement Kit for Optimized Bone Compression Proceedure

Elevate your practice with the dental implant enhancement kit – Achieve unprecedented bone compression & expansion with our ergonomic, diamond-coated instruments for superior implant placement.

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Packings:3pcs with burs block.

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Dental Implant Placement Kit for Bone Compressor

With ergonomic designs for procedural comfort and superior construction for unwavering reliability, these tools make implant site navigation a breeze, guaranteeing precise placement. Our bone compression bone expander effortlessly achieves unmatched bone compression and expansion, prioritizing patient comfort and optimal outcomes by minimizing tissue disruption. This tool streamlines bone tissue expansion, creating the ideal environment for implant placement.

The included Expansion Tool Box Sets offer versatility and reliability, empowering you with the perfect instrument for every implant procedure, from bone expansion to site preparation. These sets provide the flexibility to choose the right tool for the task, ensuring consistently precise performance.

Experience seamless coordination between these essential instruments, assuring top-notch results.

Technical info

Product Description
Bone Compression Bone Expander Ergonomic design for procedural comfort;

Superior construction for reliability;

Streamlines bone tissue expansion for ideal implant placement

Expansion Tool Box Sets Versatile and reliable;

Flexibility to choose right tools for each procedure;

Precision tools for bone expansion and site preparation

Diamond Coated Burs Diamond coated head material;

3 pieces per set;

Diameters: 2x 3.3mm, 1x 3.7mm

Dental implant instrumentation for bone compression
Dental Implant Enhancement Kit for Optimized Bone Compression Proceedure