Vera Flux – Soldering Flux for Nickel Alloys in Dental Labs

Vera Flux is an odorless, boron-enhanced soldering flux specially formulated to improve fluidity and fabrication when working with nickel alloys.

The thin, water-soluble formula comes in 42.5g bottles and helps dental technicians achieve strong joints and optimized soldering.

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Vera Flux is a specially formulated soldering flux for use with nickel based casting alloys in dental laboratory applications. It provides improved fluidity and fabrication performance.


  • Enhanced with boron for better fluidity when soldering nickel alloys
  • Odorless formula
  • Can be thinned with distilled water to maintain optimal consistency
  • Comes in 42.5g bottles


Vera Flux is recommended for use when soldering nickel based casting alloys in dental laboratories. Its fluid properties help improve the soldering process and achieve strong joints. The boron enhancement optimizes the flux for nickel alloys.

Vera Flux has properties that make it well suited for dental technicians working with nickel based alloys. It delivers maximum fluidity and reduces issues during fabrication. The flux is odorless and can be thinned as needed for ideal use.

soldering flux for nickel alloys dental lab
Vera Flux – Soldering Flux for Nickel Alloys in Dental Labs