Prosthetic Denture Polishing Burs

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  • Prosthetic Denture Polishing Burs HP Wholesale.
  • Options: Grits and colors.
  • Round-end taper polisher for prosthetic acrylic materials application.
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  • Material: Tungsten Steel Mixed with Silicone Rubber
  • Shape: round-end taper
  • Head diameter: 10*24mm
  • Shank diameter:2.35mm
  • Overall Length: about 56mm

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Silicone Prosthetic Burs

Silicon rubber polishers dental burs are specially for the prosthetic acrylic application.
The polishing head is made of silicone mixed with tungsten carbide grits. There are options for colors and grits to choose from.

Color Grit Application
Black 180 Initial coarse grinding for shaping and removing excess material.
Green 240 Further shaping and smoothing after initial grinding.
Brown 360 Finer shaping and smoothing before detailed work.
Pink 400 Even finer smoothing and detailing of the denture surface.
Yellow 600 Very fine smoothing, preparing the surface for final polishing.
Blue 800 Delicate polishing step to achieve a smooth and glossy finish.

Polisher application: hard or elastic denture acrylics

6 grits on prosthetic burs


  • Material: tungsten steel mixed with silicone rubber
  • Shape: round-end taper
  • Head diameter: 10*24mm
  • Shank diameter:2.35mm
  • Overall Length: about 56mm
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Black, Green, Brown, Pink, Yellow, Blue

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12 reviews for Prosthetic Denture Polishing Burs

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silicon rubber prosthetic denture burs
Prosthetic Denture Polishing Burs
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