Dental Hygienist Instruments Kit

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dental hygienist instruments kit

High-quality dental instruments are the key to successful dental practice.

The Dental Hygienist Instruments Kit is used for various dental procedures from diagnostic examination to the final treatment plan.

The long-lasting reusable dental instruments are economical and can be done after sterilization.

The fine quality and outstanding griping of the dental instrument are essential to carry out the desired dental treatment.


All the dental instruments are made of outstanding stainless steel that is corrosion resistance


The Dental Hygienist Instruments Kit is used for braces, dental examination, and restorative procedures.

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3 reviews for Dental Hygienist Instruments Kit

  1. Charlotte Brown (verified owner)

    Delivered before then expected😀😀😀

  2. Alessandra de Aguiar (verified owner)

    I bought it online without any hesitation

  3. Ergi (verified owner)

    Affordable price with Strong Built quality

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