Dental Composite Polishing Burs

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Contra angle RA dental composite polishing burs wholesale online;

Silicon rubber with sand grit;

50pcs minimum quantity;

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Silicon rubber dental polishing burs

RA shank is applied at contra angel handpiece.It is made of silicon rubber with sand grit.coase,medium fine polishing are available.

They are polishers employ proprietary abrasive particle construction and binder matrix technology to quickly deliver wet-look shine, even on more complex hybrid composite materials.

Function: designed for putting the finishing touches on direct dental composite restorations, composite finishing and bur sets feature a sequence of burs and polishers intended to bring out a lustrous finish. These dental composite polishing burs sets can include any number of different shapes, but they are designed to be used in sequence, from the roughest bur to the finest. They provide a convenient way to keep the finishing and polishing process organized and simple.

•Good heat dispersion, safe and reliable to use.

•Can be used for enamel repair, whitening, and teeth.

•Designed for the low-speed handpiece, easy and comfortable to operate.

•With the instruction manual, nine grinding heads are available; different heads have different effects.


White RA Coarse General-purpose for reduction of porcelain, tooth enamel acrylic and nature teeth.
Pink Medium Mould and smooth porcelain, tooth enamel acrylic and nature teeth
Blue Fine Soft, flexible polishers for high-lustre on porcelain, tooth enamel acrylic and nature teeth


Black RA Coarse Remove gold, precious metal and alloys.
Brown Medium Smoothing and polishing for precious metals,alloys.
Green Fine Final finishing precious metals alloys

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3.5x7mm dental composite burs


4x12mm dental composite polishing burs


5x10mm contra angle dental polishing burs


6x8.5mm contra angle dental finishing burs


7.5x10mm contra angle dental composite finishing burs


contra angle dental composite burs


10x1mm contra angle porcelain dental burs supply

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5 reviews for Dental Composite Polishing Burs

  1. Rosario Jiménez (verified owner)

    Trust me. This one is very good and best in this price. Looks wise classy product, and quality is also good when compared to other products.

  2. Ole Svensson (verified owner)

    It is good product.

  3. Kamala Unnih (verified owner)

    Great product and quality pictures for patient education. More than what I expected in this price range.

  4. Hildingr (verified owner)

    The website inference is smooth and easy to use

  5. Laura Ivanović (verified owner)

    Good stuff👍

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Dental Composite Polishing Burs
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