Maxillofacial Plate Complete Denture Tool

Achieve perfect fit and comfort with our dental maxillofacial plate for complete dentures.

Expertly crafted for dental labs, our complete denture tool accurately measures jaw position and occlusal relationships.

Enhance your denture fabrication process and deliver superior results.

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Complete Denture Tool For Occlusal Relationship

Dental Maxillofacial Plate: Essential component for creating comfortable, accurate dentures. Features two components: Maxillary Plane Plate (mimics patient’s maxillary arch) and sight plate (aligns with anatomical landmarks).

Used to evaluate patient’s dentition, jaw position, and occlusal relationship before denture fabrication. Ensures dentures fit patient’s unique oral anatomy.


  • Accurate Jaw Positioning: Our Dental Maxillofacial Plate ensures precise measurement and alignment of the jaw, guaranteeing a comfortable and natural fit for complete dentures.
  • Enhanced Occlusal Relationship: The plate allows for thorough assessment of the occlusal relationship between the upper and lower jaws, resulting in optimal bite alignment and improved functionality.
  • Reliable Reference Markings: Equipped with reference markings and lines, the plate enables consistent and accurate positioning, ensuring reliable measurements and consistent results in the dental laboratory.
  • Diagnostic Versatility: As a valuable diagnostic tool, the Dental Maxillofacial Plate aids dental professionals in evaluating dentition, jaw position, and occlusal relationships, facilitating precise denture customization and patient satisfaction.
Dental Maxillofacial Plate
Maxillofacial Plate Complete Denture Tool