Electric Prophy Handpiece and Disposable Prophy Angle Brushes

Transform Your Dental Care with Our Electric Prophy Handpiece and Disposable Prophy Angle Brushes!

Experience stable rotation speed and precise cleaning with our advanced electric handpiece.

Choose from soft and hard disposable prophy cups for tailored oral care.

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Elevate your oral hygiene procedures today with our Contra-Angle Cup, and options of electric handpiece and motor

Disposable Prophy Angle Cups: Our dental care kit includes disposable prophy cups that are designed to seamlessly fit onto our Electric Prophy Handpiece. Choose between two options, hard (blue) and soft (purple), depending on your patient’s oral condition and sensitivity level.


Overall Length30mm
Shaft Length8mm
Blue CupHard
Purple CupSoft
ApplicationElectric Straight Handpiece
Net Weight0.65 Kg/box


  • Hard Prophy Angle Cup (Blue): Ideal for removing stubborn stains, plaque, and calculus. Its durable construction ensures efficient cleaning in challenging cases.
  • Soft Prophy Angle Cup (Purple): Perfect for patients with sensitive teeth or delicate gum tissue. The soft and gentle texture provides a comfortable cleaning experience without causing any discomfort.

Electric Prophy Handpiece: Experience superior dental care with our state-of-the-art Electric Prophy Handpiece! Powered by an advanced electric motor, this innovative handpiece guarantees a stable and consistent rotation speed, ensuring precise and efficient cleaning during prophylaxis procedures.

Key Features:

  • Stable Rotation Speed: The electric motor ensures a steady rotation speed, minimizing vibrations for a smoother patient experience and enhancing the accuracy of your dental work.
  • User-Friendly Design: Our Electric Prophy Handpiece is ergonomically designed for comfortable grip and easy maneuverability, reducing hand fatigue and allowing for extended use without discomfort.
  • Versatile Compatibility: The handpiece is compatible with our disposable prophy cups, offering the flexibility to choose between hard (blue color) and soft (purple color) cups based on patient preferences and specific cleaning needs.

Workflow for efficiently using the electric prophy handpiece and disposable prophy angle:

  1. Disconnect water supply from electric motor and use 3-way syringe for water during polishing.
  2. Attach disposable prophy angle securely to the electric handpiece.
  3. Set the handpiece to a stable rotation speed.
  4. Monitor progress and make adjustments as needed.

Electric motor and straight handpiece parameter

  • Electric Straight Handpiece:
E-typeElectric straight handpiece, Option:fiber optic
Bur lockingRing system
Water SpryOne hole inner water spray system
Speed:MAX 40,000RPM
Noise:≤ 70dB
  • Electric motor:

Brushless motor KaVo compatible

TorqueConsistent 3.4Ncm torque
RPM Speed Range2000-400,000 RPM
Noise LevelQuieter operation below 60dB
LED Fiber Optic Light SourceEnhanced visibility during procedures
Endodontic FunctionEfficient root canal treatments
Digital Touchpad Control SystemEasy and intuitive operation
E-Type Handpiece Connection CompatibilityInternational standard compatibility
Pre-Setting Speed RatiosCustomizable options: increasing, direct, reduction
High-Speed Ratio (1:5)10,000-200,000 RPM
Standard Speed Ratio (1:1)2,000-40,000 RPM
Reduction Speed Ratios4:1 (500-10,000 RPM) and 16:1 (100-2,500 RPM)

Operation electric-motor tutorial video.

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Blue hard cup, Purple soft cup, Straight handpiece fiber optic, Straight handpiece non-light, electric motor set

disposable prophy cup angles
Electric Prophy Handpiece and Disposable Prophy Angle Brushes
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