Why need a tooth crown after endodontics treatment

zirconia tooth crown after endodontic treatment

Endodontic treatment necessarity

Many patients have experienced the pain of looking at their teeth.To be honest, visiting the dental clinic teeth treatment is really uncomfortable.After suffering from the torture of toothaches,they realize that it is not easy and cherish.

If the tooth has pain,in many cases,the doctor will recommend root canal endodontics treatment, which is commonly referred to as nerve extraction.In fact,many people don’t understand why they can’t directly fix it when there is pain in the tooth,but they have to choose to get the nerve.

In fact,frankly speaking,if the tooth has severe pain,it means that the patient has missed the best dental filling treatment opportunity,then the best treatment opportunity has been missed,and they have to choose another treatment plan,that is, professional root canal endodontics treatment mentioned above.

The general steps of endodontics treatment

endodontics treatment steps

Remove the carious tissue of the tooth,expose the pulp cavity,and extract the infected pulp with a root canal pulp needle (this is also the source of the term “tooth extraction nerve”).
Measure the length of the root canal.Because the teeth are opaque,some instruments must be used to measure the length of the root canal.Nowadays,root canal length measuring instruments are generally used for measurement.
Use a dental rotory files to prepare the shape of the root canal,that is,to remove dirt on the root canal.With the advancement of technology,it has progressed from traditional hand instruments to mechanical methods.On the one hand,it can improve the quality of root canal preparation, and on the other hand,it will shorten the treatment time and make the experience of patients and doctors better.
While preparing the root canal,but also constantly washing the root canal,more and more doctors are beginning to use ultrasonic instruments to wash the root canal to ensure the cleanliness of the root canal.

After the preparation of the root canal is completed,according to the difference of the disease,it is necessary to seal the disinfectant in the root canal,and return to the clinic after a period of time.

At the follow-up visit,the original medicine is taken out,the root canal is sealed with a permanent material,and finally the shape of the tooth is restored.If necessary,a fixed restoration should be made.

Many patients do not understand why after the root canal treatment,the tooth no longer hurts, and it is enough to repair it. Why should a full tooth crowns protection be needed?In fact,this step is necessary for three main reasons.


  1. Root canal endodontics treatment is to remove and disinfect the residue and bacteria in the root canal as much as possible through the operation of drugs and instruments.However,if such a disinfection process is to be carried out carefully,many teeth infected by bacteria and tooth tissues that have to be trimmed must be removed.Therefore,once endodontic treatment is applied to most teeth,they may not have enough strength to support chewing and may break.It is impossible to restore function by using materials alone,even if the long-term effect can be restored.

2. After root canal endodontics treatment,the tooth loses the nutrient supply from the pulp,just like a tree that loses its root,it slowly withers and becomes very fragile,causing the fragility of the tooth to increase and it is easy to split.

  1. Because the teeth that need endodontics treatment are generally decayed (worm teeth) and have large defects.Although the root canal treatment is completed at this time,the remaining tooth tissue is very fragile,and it is very easy to break and split.It loses its normal function,and it is no longer possible to restore the function by simply using materials.

Tooth crown material

1,Ordinary cheap nickel chromium dental alloy

The price of dental nickel-chromium alloy is relatively cheap.It is an obsolete technology in Europe and the United States.Long-term use of metal inner crowns will produce nickel precipitation.15% of users have mild toxic and allergic reactions,and nickel is formed on the user’s gums.The accumulation of metal makes the gums black.

2,Economical cobalt chromium dental alloy

The representative of the semi-precious metal beauty crown is the cobalt-chromium alloy beauty tooth crown,which is called “no nickel and no beryllium alloy”.The main ingredients are cobalt and chromium.The price is between non-precious metals and precious metals.Its biocompatibility is better than that of nickel-chromium alloy cosmetic tooth crowns.It is corrosion-resistant,not prone to porcelain fracture,and can avoid bleeding gums and black gums.Moreover,it is economical and practical,suitable for the restoration of most teeth,especially for fixed restorations such as posterior fixed crown bridges.

3,Famous movie star like teeth,all-ceramic zircornia tooth crown

asethetic multi layer dental zirconia restoration in people

The color of the porcelain zirconia crown can maintain its natural color under the light and natural light,so it has become the darling of the dental beauty of the current movie stars and public figures.The all-ceramic crown has good permeability and color,excellent aesthetic effect,good biocompatibility,and harmless to the human body.

multilayer dental zirconia strength transit naturally

All-ceramic teeth are divided into two types: alumina and zirconia according to their materials.In addition to their different strengths and manufacturing processes,the new launched multi layer dental zirconia,they have very good biocompatibility,good durability,and can be stored permanently in the oral cavity; Compared with metal base,all-ceramic zirconia teeth are lighter in weight,more comfortable to wear,and more conducive to protecting dental pulp health;the reflection and scattering of light are closer to natural teeth,so it has a better aesthetic effect.

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