Why Is PMMA Material Dental Much In Demand?

Pmma material dental has been applied in dentistry

Often patients demand RPD (Removable Partial Denture) for health, mental, anatomic, and economic reasons as well. Manufacturing esthetically pleasing dentures thereby preventing unsightly displays associated with traditional resins had been a challenge for the dentists initially.

But increased demand for physical appearance in the modern world has led to the popularity of esthetic restoration. To fulfill such demands of patients Multi-Layer and Acetal pmma material dental products have been reintroduced in the field of dentistry.

Benefits Of Multi-Layer Dental PMMA

Multi layer dental pmma material feature

To begin with, Multilayer dental pmma can increase your esthetic appearance. Manufactured through CAD/CAM technology they sit beautifully into your mouth without the need for periodic alterations.

The multilayers comprise of blanks as well as blocks that are available in different colors but blended nicely for a perfect finish. They are polished to get the most natural look and customized according to the requirements of patients individually.

Wearing multi-layer dental PMMA allows you to enjoy higher stability. You can use them for up to many months with NO transformation in their color.

Polymerized to make them free of Monomer indicating they are safe for patients who suffer allergic reactions. Additionally, they can resist plaque even if you wear them regularly and for a longer period.

Multi layer dental pmma has shown positive results as provisional mock-ups, crowns & bridges for longer. It is possible to do lusting with cement in multilayer dental PMMA.

Benefits Of Acetal Dental PMMA

acetal dental pmma application

Wearing temporary Acetal Dental PMMA you look attractive because the color is matched up to your natural tooth color. Unless and until you tell anyone, nobody will be able to guess that you have undergone the process of removable partial dentures.

Featuring low elasticity modulus Acetal DENTAL PMMA can be applied in bigger undercuts against chromium-cobalt alloy thereby exerting lesser stress on your abutment teeth. Hence they prove beneficial for esthetics as well as periodontal health equally.

Patients with allergic reactions to metal can feel relief with Acetal resin. The material can be modified and made as clasps for such patients. You can enjoy complete comfort wearing them for longer.

Additionally, Acetal pmma material dental feature is well-accepted by patients for the tremendous increase seen in occlusal force and chewing efficiency. This has been shown by an experiment done on 30 patients who used RPD.

Acetal resin today is the perfect pmma material dental product and alternative to traditional resins used for the process of removable partial dentures.

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