What dental instruments are used for fillings?

List of what dental instruments are used for fillings

Dental caries are the most common cause of tooth decay. It causes decay and cavities on the tooth surface that initiate dental pain. The best treatment option for dental caries is to replace the decayed tooth material with a biocompatible dental material, the whole process is called a dental filling. Dental filling required the precise removal of tooth structure with the help of a dentist’s dental instrument. Most of the filling instruments are hand-operated and are specific for every procedure and dental material. But there are some basic qualities of dental filling instruments that should present in all filling instruments.

  • Crafted by high-quality material.
  • Should be corrosion-free.
  • Excellent gripped handle.
  • The polished surface and working end. 

The use of dental filling instruments depends upon the choice of filling material, location, and the extent of the cavity design. They help to place the filling material in the cavity and are used in all steps of dental filling.

dental composite filling instrument

Dental composite filling instrument

Sectional matrix system

The matrix band will help to retain the filling material in the cavity and give the best marginal finishing. Without the Sectional matrix dental system dentist dental instrument, the filling can’t confine in the tooth surface, and tooth margin will not form. For a successful and long-lasting dental filling, the contact point of filling tooth, with another tooth should maintain. The sectional matrix system is the best available option for successful filling. They are made of metal and used in the composite filling. It is available in different sizes and shapes. The selection of the dental matrix depends upon the tooth structure and location.

sectional matrix for composite

All the dental filling instruments are specifically for the material and the design of the cavity. The success of treatment mainly depends upon the selection of suitable filling material and its excellent use.

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