Dental Air Scaler Handpiece Sonic

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Dental air scaler handpiece sonic

A dental ultrasonic air scaler handpiece allows the dentist to thoroughly remove calculus from patient teeth in an effective way that is very gentle, with no patin felling, making no damage or minimal to patient teeth and tooth roots.


  • Using the ultrasound to remove calculus deposits from teeth with high vibration;
  • Making shock waves that disrupt bacteria biofilms which be therapeutically flushed from the teeth by a small jet of water or antibacterial mouthwash which is emitted from near the top of the scaler;
  • The jet of water enables to cool of the ultrasonic scaler tips.

dental air scaler handpiece feature


1. Product name: Dental Air Scaler Handpiece
2. Durable temperature:135°C
3.Vibration frequency:10000Hz-13000Hz
4.3 pcs working tip G1/G2/G3
5.Connector:2 hole/4 hole
6. Warranty: handpiece 1 year
7. Certificate: CE ISO

Packing list:

  • Air scaler*1
  • 3PCS scaling tip
  • Wrench*1
  • Instruction book*1
Additional information
Weight 0.4 kg
Dimensions 6 × 6 × 6 cm

Two holes, Four holes

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3 reviews for Dental Air Scaler Handpiece Sonic

  1. Lindita Mema (verified owner)

    When I saw the package and how neatly it was wrapped, I knew I had chosen best product

  2. Claire Nguyen (verified owner)

    The Dental Laboratorio is incredibly helpful. i have been using this app for tow years. deals are decent. Great variety of products are available. Products are responsibly priced, occasionally there are shipping delays, but overall wonderful experience. The user interface is very user- friendly.

  3. Anne Kask (verified owner)

    Haven’t used but I don’t find any damages and they seems to be good as of now.

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Dental Air Scaler Handpiece Sonic
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