5 reasons why importance of dental articulator calibration

dental articulator calibrated in dental laboratory

Dental articulator calibration

The accuracy and precision in the manufacturing of dental devices lead to successful treatment outcomes and patient satisfaction. The different laboratory methods and devices are used to achieve that goal. One of the dental laboratory devices is a dental articulator that is used most of the time in prosthodontic dental devices. The main handling of articulators is the responsibility of dental laboratory experts.

fully adjustable dental articulator calibration

Dental articulator calibration in a dental lab

The dental articulator is adjustable dental equipment that helps to achieve the accurate dental arches relation with correspondence to the oral cavity. In our mouth teeth are arranged in upper and lower arches and make a relationship with the condyle and jaw. The success of dental devices is depending upon the gaining of the same relation in the dental lab. The relation can be achieved by the use of dental articulators. The use of dental articulator is the most important step in prosthesis construction in the lab and it will proceed to the final construction of devices in the dental labs.

There is variation in dental articulators and dental labs make the decision which articulator gives the best result. Anatomic Dental Lab Articulator provides the ease of dental adjustment and can be used in all types of dental fabrications. Dental Articulator-Artex Bn available with metal plates and used for the model construction. Semi Adjustable Dental Articulator and Fully Adjustable Dental Articulator-Artex Cr are the most commonly used dental articulators. The accuracy of dental articulator calibration devices increased and can be used in model fabrication and prosthesis buildup.

Articulator calibration

Dental articulators adjust the same relation of dental models that your natural teeth have in the oral cavity. All this is possible by the standard marking of the dental articulator called Articulator calibrations. The calibrations on the articulator were marked by the factory with their construction. It is pre-adjusted calibration and the dental lab can’t change them. With time if calibration is lost with some mishandling of natural loss of articulator material it can lead to adjustment problems and the prosthesis accuracy will be lost and devices formed will be distorted.

Why we need Articulator calibration?

Dental articulator calibration is critical for the fabrication of prostheses. It is the prefabricated property of dental articulators that is built in the articulator.

  • Standardization in formation

The articulator calibration has a standard value that matches with the natural oral cavity. It provides a well-formed dental prosthesis. Articulators have an upper and lower table with the condylar position that holds the mold in the correct position. Some articulators have adjustable tables that can move and change in every prosthesis construction.

  • Accuracy of prosthesis

Accurate articulator calibration prevents the distortion of prostheses and makes them compatible with the oral cavity. Without calibration, the dental prosthesis will be distorted and have relation failures. An expert dental lab technician can develop the accurate and correct relation of the prosthesis with the ease of placement.

  • Excellent adjustment

The calibration also helps in the adjustment of the model on the articulator table. The dental model reproduces the same position on the articulator as in the oral cavity. The calibration makes the construction easy and approachable.

  • Simulation without patient

With the help of articulator calibration, there is no need for a patient during a dental lab procedure. The dentist only sends the impression of patient arches and the other steps of fabrication are done without the patient visiting.

  • Alignment of the articulator

The calibration will provide the alignment of the upper and lower table of the articulator. Without accurate calibration, the relation will be distorted and that can affect the final prosthesis adjustment with the dental arches.

The careful handling of the dental articulator and use of high-quality dental lab equipment preserve the calibration for a long time without any error and deformation.

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