A Complet Guide On Dental Lab Design


A dental lab design is the most important thing if you are planning for a dental laboratory as it will achieve an optimal balance between the operational objectives and clinical functions. The dental lab design will play a prominent role by reducing the particular pollutants, and also it needs to control the other environmental conditions. In this article, we will discuss how to design a lab that will meet the regulatory requirements, and also manage the risks.   

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A review on dental lab design:

When it comes to the dental laboratories, your lab should follow a specific dental lab design, and also it should consist of some necessities. Even the working procedure of the dentists is entirely dependent on the well-planned lab design; if you have a poorly planned lab design then it won’t attract customers.

The needs will be many when you are planning to build a dental laboratory so your dental lab design should be flexible and dynamic. Also, you need to take care of the environment which is also the most important thing to consider.

Here are some key considerations which you need to know if you are planning for the best dental lab design;

  • The dental lab design should be agile and flexible so that if you have any future changes in the process and technology then it can be made
  • The furniture or casework that is installed in the lab should have higher durability and also it should be sterile. Install the furnishings that are bacteria resistant and also that can be easily sanitized
  •  The lab design should be environmentally controlled so that it will help in the reduction of pollutants and contaminants

Objectives of dental lab design:

The main role of the dental lab design is to keep the laboratory organized and structured. Even it is possible that we can create a custom lab based on the types of services offered. But there are few basic objectives that you need to follow if you need the best dental lab design;

  • The design you implement in the laboratory should be flexible as it should support the current and future needs and technologies
  • Even though the lab which you are planning has a smaller space still it should have sufficient circulation that optimizes the accessibility and safety
  • It should protect the safety and health of the occupants
  • Also, the lab design should support the extensive environmental conditions such as humidity, temperature, airflow, and dust
  • Whatever the things you have installed either surfaces or furniture or casework, everything should support and provide a sterile environment   

Components of dental lab design:

Before getting into the design, you should have an in-depth understanding of the dental lab requirements and the other healthcare standards. Even one should have best practices so that they can maintain a sterile, clean, and safe dental lab. Also, the lab should have advanced technology and equipment that will satisfy any kind of dental needs.

So, the dental lab design consists of the two most mandatory components which are dental lab equipment and dental lab material.  

Does lab equipment play an important role ?

The dental lab equipment should consist of a wide range of systems that are used for manufacturing all kinds of dental prosthetics. You need to choose what types of equipment you will be focused on, either the time-tested techniques or the latest digital dental technologies. Your lab should have all kinds of equipment that will help you in high-specific tasks and also it should help you to produce high-quality dental restoration. Not only the lab needs the right equipment, but also it should be in good working condition which results in the success of your lab.  

If you ask me what kind of dental equipment your lab needs, then I would say it depends on the type of lab you choose and the type of restoration you are going to make. If you are planning for a fixed and removed restoration that is made with different types of materials, then I would say your labs need a wide range of equipment that should be both flexible and highly efficient.

Other than this your lab needs the basic equipment that includes the workbenches, lighting, utility equipment, articulate system, cleaning and polishing system, and other things. If you are planning to work with ceramic materials then of course you need a furnace. So, while purchasing the equipment you need to invest your money in the right equipment.  

What kind of material is to be chosen?

When it comes to choosing the dental lab material, you need to consider a lot of factors such as types of restoration, the process to be followed, techniques, and technologies used. If your lab is mainly focused on restoration then you need to choose the model material. If your lab consists of highly advanced digital dental technologies, then you should have CAD/CAM materials. There are different types of lab materials are available but each comes with a specific function.

There are certain things to consider before choosing the material for your dental labs;

  • The choosing of lab material always depends on the types of fabrication process you follow and the type of restoration to be used
  • Each material requires special processing, so your lab should have certain equipment. So, before buying the material you need to make sure whether you are having the equipment or you need to buy the equipment along with the material
  • Before using the material you need to make sure how the material will produce the aesthetic and functional restoration
  • Compatibility and processing time are also other important things to consider while choosing the material
Bottom Line:

If you have a proper dental lab design, then you can ensure the safety of the production and distribution of dental products. Also, while designing the lab you need to choose high-quality lab equipment and materials that will meet your needs and expectations. You need to build a dental laboratory where customers can find all kinds of dental solutions which will lead to complete satisfaction.

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